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Expired 2 months ago
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Bitcoin ABC 2020 Funding Campaign

Bitcoin ABC develops, maintains and secures the most essential Bitcoin Cash infrastructure, our full node software which is used to mine almost every Bitcoin Cash block.

Currently, 90% of Bitcoin ABC developer time is absorbed with keeping Bitcoin Cash secure, running and updated. We must dedicate most of our minimal resources to β€œrunning in place” as we ensure the Bitcoin Cash network transcends scaling bottlenecks and remains up to date with the fast-moving Internet.

Progress on new Bitcoin Cash scaling features barely registers in our workload at this time. The Bitcoin Cash roadmap requires major changes to the codebase. These changes will require ongoing maintenance responsibilities much greater than those we have now.

The good news is that the work Bitcoin ABC has completed so far β€” on backports, cleaning up technical debt, implementing automated testing infrastructure and more β€” has us well-positioned now to make rapid progress on new features and significant improvements to the Bitcoin Cash protocol.

Securing adequate sustained funding will enable us to assume these obligations.

Bitcoin Cash must scale to meet the daily payments demands of billions of users. We must realize the vision of censorship-resistant P2P electronic cash for the world.

We need your support to scale Bitcoin Cash. We can only do this together.

Will you join us?

The campaign expired without being funded.

Please visit for full details, including our business plan, budget and delivery timeline.

Alternate address to donate funds to that will be forwarded to flipstarter: prmxugxz63ersdpnuka9d73lpsmr966uay0rxhqewx

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